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MIC Recordings

On the left, you will find an audio playlist of MIC recordings through February 2020. Recordings after that date will be on the video playlist to the right.

  1. February 2020: Twenty mistakes that ruin speeches (and how to avoid them) Craig Valentine 00:53:06
  2. November 2019: The Analogy Advantage: How to use Analogies to Make your Speeches Unforgettable Craig Valentine 0:44:24
  3. October 2019: 7 Wonderful Ways to Hook your Audience into your Speech Craig Valentine 0:53:20
  4. August 2019: 4 Hidden Keynote Secrets that will lead to many more speaking opportunities Craig Valentine 0:48:04
  5. May 2019: 5 Reasons Many Speakers’ Stories Fail Craig Valentine 0:45:03
  6. May 2018: Using Spontaneity to Keep Your Speeches Fresh For Your Audience Craig Valentine 1:14:49
  7. April 2018: 5 Advanced and Unique Storytelling Tools that will Set You Apart from most Speakers Craig Valentine 01:05:20
  8. March 2018: 7 Places to Find Your Unforgettable Stories Craig Valentine 01:09:31
  9. February 2018: 7 Wonderful Ways to Get Your Audience Involved Craig Valentine 00:51:05
  10. January 2018: The Inner Game of Public Speaking: How to make sure you get better with each speech Craig Valentine 01:08:41
  11. November 2017: Closing Your Speech with Impact! Craig Valentine 00:00:59
  12. September 2017: 11 Keys to an effective Q & A session. Craig Valentine 00:46:53
  13. August 2017: Transitions: The glue that holds your speech together Craig Valentine 00:46:50
  14. July 2017: 5 Ways to Uncover Humor That Keeps Your Audience Laughing and Learning All the Way Through Your Speech. Craig Valentine 00:56:35
  15. June 2017: How to Become a Very Profitable Speaker by Being Able to SWAP (Sell Without Annoying People) from the Stage Craig Valentine 00:48:34
  16. May 2017: 7 Delivery Tools to Go Behind Giving a Speech to Creating an Experience Craig Valentine 00:59:26
  17. April 2017: 5 Keys to Open Your Speech with Impact and Amazement Craig Valentine 00:44:53
  18. March 2017: The Do’s and Don’ts of Dialogue: How to Really Breathe Life Into Your Stories and Speeches Craig Valentine 01:10:27

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