Uncovering humor the natural, organic, and easy way

“Craig Valentine is the best trainer of speakers that I’ve seen since coming into this industry.”

- Les Brown, World's Leading Motivational Speaker

Would you like to add humor to your speeches?


That’s right. Don’t add humor to your speeches; uncover humor within them.

Now that might seem like semantics, but it’s not. It’s much more.
Those who add humor will likely remain amateurs.
Those who uncover humor will likely become professionals and get many opportunities to speak.

How do you uncover humor in all of your speeches?

That’s what this course is about.

You’ll pick up 33 ways not to add humor but to uncover it so that it’s organic, real, and damn funny.


The Humor Speaking Secrets Home-Study Course:
33 Tools to Keep Your Audiences Laughing all the Way through your Speech

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I just listened to a lesson you taught…and understand at a much deeper level why I laughed 100 times in 45 minutes, without you telling jokes. Thank you so much.

Mike Corob, DTM Santa Maria, CA

But what if I’m not a funny person?

That’s a question I get over and over again. People ask, “But Craig, what if I’m not a funny person?” I’ll answer your question with a question. “Was anybody born telling jokes?” Of course not. Most babies were born crying, not laughing. That means they learned it. You can too.

I had no humor in my speeches when I first started out. I was as serious as a heart-attack. I learned how to make my speeches funny. You can too. How? By internalizing and integrating the 33 processes and formulas you’ll pick up in this course.


My Long Road

In my first year of speaking, I gave dozens of speeches and they all had the same thing in common. Absolutely no humor. To think, I wondered why nobody would pay me! I now know these are three of the things meeting planners won’t pay for:

1. No humor
2. Bad humor
3. Forced humor

If you fast forward more than a decade and a half later, you can see me getting booked time and time again largely because of my humor mixed with my message.

Let my long road lead to your shortcut

What made the difference? How do I easily generate laughs today that I couldn’t get with tremendous effort years ago? That's what this course is all about. In one fell swoop you’ll pick up all of the tools that took me years to understand and implement.

People came up afterwards and said I did a great job, and when I finished…the audience gave me a standing ovation. I had about 25 - 30 laughs in 20 minutes, which I am proud of since I tell stories about getting beat up in school…and having a brain tumor. Thanks for all of your help!

Roger Revak, Professional Speaker

Get Laughs with 33 Proven Processes

There are definite processes and formulas for uncovering humor so you can keep your audience laughing all the way through your speech. In Humor Speaking Secrets you will pick up 33 tools that you can use over and over again to get laughs.

I’m sure, after a while, you’ll start using these tools automatically which will lead to amazing growth as a speaker. Plus, let’s be honest. Isn’t it much more fun to speak when you’re audience is laughing and having a good time? Click here to dive into that fun.

Craig, the emails coming into my box are flooded with gratitude from others thanking me for giving them the greatest moment of their life in being able to witness your training session.

Kumaran.M.Pethi, DTM, Div.Governor, Div.L, D-82, Ovation Chairperson in Mysore, India

What kind of Humor Tools will you pick up?

Let’s not beat around the bush any longer.
In this course, you’ll get 33 tools such as…

  • 5 Types of Humorous Dialogue so you can deliver an amazing experience for your audience.
  • 5 Kinds of Spontaneity so your humor is fresh and customized.
  • 4 Kinds of Callbacks so each audience member feels your message is made “Just for me.”
  • 2 Types of Side-Dish Humor (including Tag-On lines and Hitchhiking humor) so you can turn each laugh into 2, 3, or 4 more laughs by getting laughs before and after your main punch line(s).
  • Twists that you can use, visually and verbally, for easy and surefire laughs.
  • Activity-based Humor so you can get huge laughs (and lots of them) through your meaningful activities. This includes the special “StoryWrap” formula for uncovering loads of laughs.
  • Carryover Humor so you can take what happens in one speech and use it over and over again for laughs in future engagements.
  • Expression Humor because your audience will often laugh not just at what you say but at what they see. This will help you get the laughs in-between the lines.
  • Contrasting Humor so you can give your audience a meaningful message with their amusement.
  • Physical Humor so you can use your body for laughs. Your body is funnier than you think!
  • Failure Humor so you can quickly connect with your audience and separate yourself from the “I’ve always been great”-type of speakers that audiences don’t care for very much.
  • Tension-release Humor so you can give your audience that often-touted but rarely- delivered roller-coaster experience of emotions.
  • Timely Humor so you can take advantage of the current news (inside and outside of your personal life) to make a humorous splash. Just wait until you hear about the humor I uncovered when each one of my children was born.
  • Customized Humor so you can find exact spots (like puzzle pieces) in your speech that you can change with each engagement to get laughs that are specifically tailored for that audience. You can count on getting these laughs over and over again.
  • Glitch Humor so you can take advantage of issues (such as a bad mic, phones ringing, latecomers, etc.) and turn them into the most humorous experiences many of your audience members have had in a long time. They’ll keep talking about these moments long after the speech is over.
  • Pre-story set-up Humor so you can generate fantastic energy with laughs before you even get into your story.
  • 5 Trouble-shooting Tools so you can fix humor that is not working and make it work over and over again.
  • And more!
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I gave my first humorous speech applying Craig’s strategies. They laughed all the way through and I’m not a funny person. Hale to you CV!

Vivian Houston, Speak and Prosper Course Participant

Is “The Force” with you?

Have you ever seen a speaker force humor on an audience? Have YOU ever forced humor on an audience?

You can tell when it’s forced, can’t you? You can just feel it, right? Audience members think, “Oh, he really reached for that one.” Or worse, they simply groan.

Oh no she didn’t!

I once watched a speaker use a line that was so bad, it absolutely ruined the rest of her speech. In fact, I believe it ruined everything she said before and afterwards because that line was all her audience was going to remember about her. That would not get her invited back again. It failed because it was forced.

“Don’t speak for standing ovations. Speak for standing invitations.”

You want to touch the lives of your audience and get invited back time and time again. This won’t happen if you force humor on them. This will happen when you uncover humor in an organic, natural, detour-free way.

Audience members want fun integrated with their message.

“You must have a message and amusement.”

Detour-free Humor

There are some speakers that get laughs but at a grave expense. The audience members have to go on a detour to “get” the humor. In other words, the speaker has to go away from his message temporarily to try to fit in the humor. The audience laughs but ends up lost.

Ask me how I know this! It’s because I was one of those speakers. That’s right, I used the kind of humor that made them laugh but also wonder, “Why the heck did he bring that up?” In that case, they laughed but I lost. I lost them because I didn’t know these humor secrets.

Is your humor “on” the way or “in” in the way?

I even remember about 5 minutes into one of my speeches when an audience member said sarcastically, “What do you think you are…some kind of comedian?” Ouch! That hurt. Needless to say, the rest of that speech was doomed.

The 33 tools you pick up in this course will get you to uncover the kind of humor that is ON the way, not IN the way, of your message. No detours need to be taken. It’s a smooth, funny ride that your audience is thrilled to take.

But Why Aren’t They Laughing? This SHOULD be funny

Have you ever wondered why some of your “should-be-funny” humor is not working? Here’s my advice. Don’t quit on it…not yet.

You might only need a small tweak. Check out the 5 Troubleshooting Tools for fixing your humor so that you actually do get the laughs you expected and even get some you didn’t expect. These tools can turn your frustrated moments into fruitful ones that draw some of your biggest laughs. Finally, you’ll even see how to handle yourself if they still don’t laugh.

Can you keep your audience laughing?

Having spoken now in dozens of countries, I’ve been fortunate enough to share the stage with hundreds of speakers. I’ve realized something. Many of the speakers I’ve seen can get laughs, but few can keep their audiences laughing throughout the entire speech. Few can take their audiences from a speech into an emotional experience. With this course, you can become one of the few who can.

I met someone who participated in your evening workshop at the HNB towers who said that he liked watching the film TITANIC the best in his life and that was also four hours. But he has changed that to be your four hours of teaching, the best in his life. He wanted to know when you will come back. That is the impression you have left with your Sri Lankan audience.

Making them laugh in Bali, Indonesia

10% Talent, 90% Tools

I believe humor is 10% talent and 90% tools.

I’m sure there are lots of people out there who will disagree with me. They’ll say, “You’re either born funny or you’re not.” Ironically, I think that’s the biggest joke of all. That’s just an excuse not to go for it.

It’s not about how you’re born; it’s about how you learn.

The first 10 speeches I ever gave were void of humor. However, now meeting planners hire me over and over again because of the mix of my message and my humor. My audiences laugh and learn at the same time. In fact, my goal is to make them TALL (Think, Act, Laugh, and Learn). With the 33 tools you pick up in this course, you’ll be able to do the same and do it on-demand whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out.

What exactly do you get
access to with this program?

With the Humor Speaking Secrets Home-Study Course,
you get access to…


  • 328 minutes (almost 5 ½ hours) of audio instruction you can experience Online and/or access as convenient mp3 downloads.
  • An interactive 53-page Humor Handbook to guide you to uncover your own humor.
  • A full 35-minute sample keynote demonstrating how these tools work together for the benefit of your audience and your speaking career.
  • A full 49-minute sample workshop demonstrating how these tools work together for the benefit of your audience and your speaking career.
  • Close to 7 hours of audio instruction including sample speeches for a comprehensive look at how to keep your audience laughing all the way through your speech.
  • The Humor Speaking Secrets Exclusive Facebook Group you can use to test and tweak your material to get it ready for the real stage. Again, THIS IS OPTIONAL.

My Pet Peeve

I’ve done an awful lot of studying as a speaker and received wonderful lessons from some of the best. However, one of my pet peeves is when speakers give lessons but never demonstrate them in full. What I mean by “in full” is sharing a full program whether it’s a keynote or a workshop that exemplifies what they’ve taught. It’s easy to share the funny pieces, but how do those pieces fit into the overall speech?

Two Live Programs

That’s why I’ve decided to include two of my complete live speeches. You’ll hear a keynote and a workshop I did in Santa Clara. California. That way you can see exactly how I integrated the humor and how you can too. The sample Keynote and Workshop show you how all of the humor fits together for the good of your audience and for you. Fair enough?

The Humor Handbook - 53-pages interactive (that you can type into and use over and over again.)

The Humor Handbook

Integration comes through interaction. This is not a course you’ll simply listen to and become funnier. It’s a course you’ll experience as you do the Humor workout for each section. Once you “get” these processes, you’ll be able to apply them to every speech you give for the rest of your life and get laughs over and over again. That’s a very fulfilling feeling for your audience and for you.

Would you like to know if your material is humorous?

Don’t you wish you could tell whether or not your content was funny before you tried it out on stage? Guess what? You can.

That’s right, as soon as you register for this course, you will receive an Invitation to the Humor Speaking Secrets Exclusive Facebook Group where you can regularly test and tweak your humor with the other participants. This is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL but it can change your speaking life when you take advantage of it.

This group will save you from tons of unnecessary embarrassing moments on stage. It’s a safe place to test, tweak, and then test over and over again to see if each piece of humor works. Then you can take your material on stage with confidence, commitment, and competence.

Accelerate your Growth

Just to be clear, you will not receive feedback from me but from others who have gone through the course and from several Certified World Class Speaking Coaches. You can even give feedback to other participants as well, which will accelerate your growth when it comes to uncovering your own humor. The more you interact, the more you internalize. Remember the old saying, “Teach that which you need to learn.”

William Reed

Craig Valentine is like the Jazz Master of Public Speaking. A lot of speakers know how to work magic. A few know how to explain it. But no one can share it as well as Craig Valentine. I’m sure I’ll be a student of Craig Valentine for life.

William Reed
Author of World Class Speaking Japan from Tokyo, Japan

Act Now and Claim Your Free Bonus

To make this offer even better, you'll be provided with a valuable bonus. This extra program is yours for FREE, just for investing in the Humor Speaking Secrets Home-Study Course.

Free Bonus: Teleseminar with Les Brown – “Uncovering Humor In your Speech” INSTRUCTOR: Craig Valentine with special guest Les Brown.

One of the world’s most popular motivational speakers, Les Brown, shares his wisdom on uncovering humor in your speeches in this 90-minute teleseminar led by Craig Valentine.

Why learn humor from me?

I said it before and I will say it again. I did NOT start off with humor in my speeches. I had to learn the processes. It took me years and years and trials and errors but, eventually, I became known and booked largely because of my stories and humor.

This means, wherever you currently are, you too can learn the processes to uncover humor and keep your audiences laughing all the way through your speech. That knowledge can get you booked and keep you booked regularly.

Take a look at what some of my audience members
and/or students have said about my humor style.

Hi Craig, Laugh? I nearly cried! Cry? I nearly pee'd me pants!!!

David H Hooker, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
Dr. Anna Margolina

Your speaking style blew up my mind the first time I saw you at the… conference. I never laughed as much at a presentation. You showed me new horizons. Thank you for… sharing your secrets with other speakers.

Dr. Anna Margolina
Ph.D., Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

Right at the part in my speech when I was discovering my joy of drumming, a cell phone went off. So I adlibbed the usual, I even heard music and got a big laugh. All-in-all, it was an awesome experience and I owe much of my success to your coaching. Oh yeah, and I WON!!!!!!!!!”

Audra Supplee

You were smooth, graceful on target, funny and so engaging. The time flew by and yet the content delivered was rich and warm. You were superb. I have never experienced anyone's delivery of their material as precise, yet natural as what I saw yesterday. Just awesome.

Hayward Suggs, Soft Skills Trainer, Chicago, Illinois

Your wit, humor and the amazing learning we took home is something we will always cherish. Thank you for… making a difference to the way we look at our lives.

Kumaran M.Pethi, DTM, Div.Governor,Div.L, D-82. Ovation Chairperson, Mysore, India

Thank you for the immense inspiration you have been for me. I have been receiving your podcast for the past several months and watching your videos on YouTube. I love your authentic, humane style, your humor... and how you deliver it.

Mila Diamond, ACB, CL

I truly enjoy the tips you offer. Your humor is amazing, and probably one of the things I appreciate most.

Farrell Pierson, MD

Your stories are great, your humor is enjoyable and the advice you shared was superior. I would like to express my gratitude in the fact that you were willing to share the "nuts and bolts" of how to successfully duplicate your results with us. You may never know how many lives you have touched, but rest assured, I will always remember Craig Valentine. Thanks for making me TALL and God bless you.

Mark Sassman

I enjoyed your presentation so much - your inspiration, your wisdom and your humor… your connection with the audience was outstanding. Magicians say, "Always leave them wanting more." Well, you worked your
Magic because all of us wanted to hear more of your message.

Allan Misch, Systems Training Branch, Social Security Administration

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What if you finish this program and go out and give a speech that has more humor in it than you’ve ever had? Would that be worth it?

What if you also picked up the tools to make as many of those “most humorous speeches” as you wanted? Wouldn’t that be worth it?

That’s what Humor Speaking Secrets is all about. It’s not just about one funny speech. It’s about uncovering loads of humor in every speech you give for the rest of your speaking life.

Invest once; be funnier forever.

Here’s to making your next audience TALL (Think, Act, Laugh, and Learn)

Craig Valentine
Creator, Humor Speaking Secrets Home-Study Course

P.S. Don't forget that you’ll be able to test and tweak your material as many times as you want in our Humor Speaking Secrets Exclusive Facebook Group. It’s optional but awesome! See you inside.